Picture Perfect

We start these jobs and we have it all figured out. I will mill up this wood and it will be perfect and straight. I begin to cut. Oh wait, that board warped a little. Too small now. And, holy crap, this one twisted like it was electrified on one side. Toss that.

Okay, we mill up our perfect wood.

Next we lay out our joinery. Wait, is this side up or down? If I cut here what does that do to this there? Wait. Where did I put my brain? I need to figure this stuff out. We lay out our perfect joinery and commence to cut.

On the wrong side.

Mill up another stick. [I realize of course in writing that I am not describing your perfect world, only my own, on some days. On some days it’s worse than this.] I cut my perfect joinery next and start to fit tenon to mortise. Shave, try, fit, shave, fit, try, shave, fit. Too small! Fix problem, move on.

Get the dang tenons fitted and start to put together the legs and rails and get into a groove finally after a warm-up of only four or five hours. Progress being made. Cut wedges, need to cut wedge slots, start shaping parts. I need my spoke shave which is as dull as my elbow. Take time to sharpen. Always sharpen. Shape parts.

Good day. Grand day. Gonna get a lot done today. Except it’s almost over. Picture perfect day not counting the mistakes.

1-Stool legs rails









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