It’s still my fault

Band saw. This is an important tool for me. I use it daily. It has two switches on it. One I use all the time. It goes on and off. The other is a panic button and I tell myself and my students, stay away from the panic button, unless! you have panicked. Then by all means, push it. I replaced the main switch 6 years ago. This should last another 20 years or so. Nope. Now the saw works intermittently. Something wrong with that switch.

So I call up the manufacturer and the tech guy tells me, Oh you’re supposed to use the panic button because otherwise, [insert words electrical], you fry the contacts. Dang it. New switch in the works because I thought I was doing it right. Still my fault. Oh well. I’ll remember next time I go to turn off this machine.

Lesson: Ignorance is curable.

Photo  note: this machine pictured has only one switch. It never breaks.


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