Precision is a topic I get involved in. How much precision today? Just a dose? A smidgen? A dash of precision on my way to completion? Or is it time today for that bone cracking precision that stops time, stops the world, that makes me check and recheck until I’m about ready to throw the work away?  And I make a cut and I can see that it’s 1/32″ off. Grrr. And I take a deep breath and dive back into the clear water to get it right.

Standards are changeable with the weather, mood, and economics. Precision isn’t always precise then. Some days it fits like a glove. Some days, you’d rather eat bait. Pick your moments, pick your spots. Decide how it feels once you’re done. If you’re happy with the results of your persnickety-ness then it’s a good choice. If not, cut yourself some slack. Do your second best piece ever.





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2 Responses to Precision

  1. isaac simkin says:

    Hi Gary,

    Engineers have a great handle on ACCURACY and PRECISION mostly because we drink beer and throw darts. Let me explain, via a dart game. ACCURACY is how close to the bullseye you get. PRECISION is how closely you group the darts, or a measure of repeatability. So…. if you throw five dart and cluster around the bullseye, you are both accurate and precise. If you throw five darts clustered around some random number, you are inaccurate but precise. if you throw five darts and they are all over the place, your accuracy and precision are both off and you need to reset by drinking another pint.

    in woodworking terms, measuring tools like metal try-squares are totally precise as they have no moving parts and will give you the same answer time and again. the accurate ones, very close to 90 degrees perfect, cost allot more then the cheap ones.


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  2. I love wood and precision is one of the most important parts of the job.Nice article.I just discover this blog and I am going to come back often.


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