I admit to a slow comprehension. The geometry of the table saw made no sense to me. Mostly because I was so afraid of its power to slice me in two. A good trade-off I thought, trading caution for comprehension. But eventually I came to understand its angles and how, like a matador, to be close to it without danger. It was an understanding of the beast that got me there. Knowing how the back half of the blade is always the more dangerous part in rotation because it can take things and with power spit or spin them at you.

Same thing occurred with my jointer. I did not understand its geometry. I fussed for years over my jointer fence trying to understand its secrets to cut so perfectly out of square. Years, until I discovered that the fence had a warp to it, that I could ignore its squareness up to a point for edge laminations, and that I need only set it out of square to get the squareness I was after.

So simple, these things. Understanding came slow but it is oh so important to me now.



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One Response to Understanding

  1. James Stenhouse says:

    Have to admit that there were some tools that I was avoiding, but getting some good direction in Gary’s shop opened by eyes to what was possible. In particular the router and table saw. Thanks Gary.


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