The Most Dangerous Tool at the Bench

We were standing around discussing dangerous tools. One fellow said that the trim router was nasty. He got bit by one right on the tip of his little finger. He showed us the finger. It looked healed but I bet that it hurt. I told him so. Another chimed in to say that the table saw was the worst tool. So fast and heartless, it would cut off your fingers in a heartbeat if you got careless and put them in its terrible path. I agreed. A third said that he had been cut by his chisel. Got himself right in the hand when he was holding a piece and working it with a chisel and he slipped. Oh man I said, that really hurts.

But I had myself a different opinion about the worst tool at the bench. The most dangerous tool at the bench, I said, was the tool standing behind it. He was usually the one to blame for any mistakes that I made in securing a piece or putting my hands in harm’s way. Be careful of that tool behind the bench and most everything else will work out just fine.

Join us at the Studio Feb. 20 for a Joinery Basics Workshop. We will be working with a variety of dangerous tools.


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One Response to The Most Dangerous Tool at the Bench

  1. Robb says:

    I usually injure myself when I’m tired and should have quit already or when I’m in a hurry trying to get to much done before quitting. Either way it always takes longer to finish a project when I have to heal up first.


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