I’m in a mode these days that might be called a production mode. I’m finishing up a run of stools. One for a close friend, one for a long lost friend that I’ll keep until we meet again, and two stools that will become workshop beaters.

These are the stools that will get examined by students, sat, stained, and stepped on as if they were ladders. These are the pieces like the one behind my own bench that get the brunt of the work and abuse. Do good work, there will be evidence left behind.

It’s funny that as a piece is built the tiniest details are fussed over before I can let it go. But I know that the furniture will remain behind long after I’m gone, so I keep pushing myself to do decent work. Or at least work that pleases. It slows me down some but I feel better setting that finished piece aside. I’m trying out shellac on this ash stool. One more coat to go.




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One Response to Evidence

  1. Gary, I’ve been putting shellac on with an HVLP gun and been quite happy with result!

    Also, so sorry to hear about your “run of stools”. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


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