Name Change

Branding is always such a sensitive issue. Put the wrong name on your product and you can have such a very hard time selling it. For instance, a baby bath cleaning product called Smells Like Baby Farts Again might be accurate in spirit but lacking something in adspeak delivery.

A brand name requires delicacy and a modicum of accuracy. Not too much accuracy, because, after all, the ad man is after innuendo and image. The flavor, the scent of the product is sought not its actual weight in the hand.

With this in mind and after a sit down critique with my Mastery students, well actually only some of us were seated, on their chair projects, I have decided to rebrand an aspect of the Studio. From now on, I am renaming the Mastery Program, the Pretty Good Program. It’s apt, it fits the work that I myself am capable of, and it’s descriptive.

Pretty Good Woodworking is of course the name that I wanted to use to rebrand a national woodworking magazine some years ago. They balked of course at the idea, but I think that if you included real articles that real folks could use, it would be a hit. Articles like: Dovetails, Get ’em Done on the Jointer! Or Seven Great Ways to Destroy Your Project with a Baseball Bat. Or Finishing: The Final Splotch. Band-aid Magic would be an article posted again and again.

These articles would resonate with people. These are topical issues. Well in the case of the band-aids, certainly topical, but all really have a lot of meaning for us woodworkers.

So, now the Mastery Program is called the Pretty Good Program. Come on down. You’ll fit right in.

funny face-001

Could be foolin’ you too. Happy April. G.


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3 Responses to Name Change

  1. I assume you have to pass the, “not bad” class to get in to the pretty good program.


  2. Jenny J says:

    Oh my Gosh! I truly thought you had lost it. My Dad worked in advertising and owned a successful agency most of his life and i grew up surrounded by all the arts and his business.
    Adoring you and all you have done all your years with us, this was the only alarming thing i have EVER heard come from your mouth. I was quite honestly horrified.
    Thank heavens you “got me”!!!


  3. mistycedars says:

    A class you might consider is: How to walk away and deal with frustration or How a mistake can be a feature.


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