I wonder what it is that brings people to this need to do things well. Is it a compulsion from inside or a rule, a standard imposed from outside? You see this craftsmanship of course in old work, where the time was spent in making each detail just so, just right.

Take this old front door I found in Eastern Oregon. It guarded a grand old house and the hinges were eye-catching even from a distance. They spanned almost all the way across the door.

But up close if you looked at the screws, which is something I always do, you can see if the carpenter took care with his work or not. Sure enough all the screws lined up horizontally along with the length of the hinge leaf. Except for the last screw that took this odd turn to point at 2 or 8 o’clock. Odd choice but I checked the three hinges and they were all alike. I could only smile at the effort. Craftsmanship





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