Finishing up

I had a one hour project to complete. Another six hours later, I was still working on it. It didn’t bother me that much. My eyes are always such grand estimators of my hands’ abilities. And almost always wrong about how quickly something will get completed, so I’m getting used to this disconnect.

It is education that is the problem. And no, do not get yourself to a school to fix this. I mean the education of myself about myself and my time and my foibles and the things that I let distract me and the standards that I keep close by and the ways that I can lose a screw that I just held in my hand the moment before. Educating myself to remember these things.

This is my curriculum. Remedial classes by this time are called for as well because like a palm print, the lines of of these habits are now deep in place. I try not to think less of myself for having them. [Although a loud word will escape now and again when I lose the next screw in line.] It is the way of things, so there is no use complaining about what side of the world the sun rises on.

So in the midst of a full afternoon of work later, I keep telling myself to slow down as I really want to finish this dang project soon. I remind myself not to get too upset with the estimator as he’s only being an optimist for all concerned. It’s in his nature to think too much of his skills.

Then I get back to work and remember the times I have done this move or that one with my hands and it all comes back. Slow but slow, it comes back and I get the one hour job complete with satisfaction some six hours later. It will take no time at all in memory.

Podium Book Broads 003







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1 Response to Finishing up

  1. Rick De Roque says:

    I feel your pain 🙂 as I get older I feel like I need an assistant just to tell me where I put something. It always takes longer for me than I think it will take because once I start a project I always find that I wsnt to add this detail or do that a little finer or that’s not quite right and do it over. Of coarse in the end I’m always happier that I took the extra time to do it well (or as you say “do good work”). I enjoy your writing style. Finished reading your latest book and it was a great read. I got tired just reading about all the hiking you do 🙂


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