The Hand Tool Shop

Starting in April we offer four weeks of class. This series is called the Hand Tool Shop. It is a great opportunity to get to the bench to work on some important techniques. Enroll for one week, the third week, or as many as you would like.

Come the first week to learn sharpening skills. We will take new tools and make them sharp or tune up old ones. Bring your chisels, gouges, hand planes, spoke shaves, and scrapers. We’ll get them all sharp enough to prep some lumber with our hand planes and then learn inlay techniques as well.

Taper Oak Chest Inlay


Week Two is Carving and Shaping week. We will carve several small projects that increase your skills at the bench. Starting small we will work on a rosette and some basket weave patterns.  The more ambitious can tackle spoon and relief carving.

Rosette Carving on Green

1-USFS Bass carving GR

Week Three practices dovetails and a little bit of steam bending as we build a tool box. Through dovetails will make the box and a shaped handle will carry things around nicely.  Isn’t this cool? Chris’ great work from last year.

Tool box 2017


Tool box detail

The final week of class takes on mortise and tenon joinery as we build some light weight sawhorses. I love this design because it’s so versatile yet strong. Made of pine and cedar but built to last in the shop.



Sawhorse hand tool shop close

Join us for a great week or two or more at The Hand Tool Shop.

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