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The Creative Streak

Why do we make things? Why do we do this creative work? A dear friend came by last night and looked at a kitchen table of mine made some decades ago. She saw the Cloud Rise curves shaped into the … Continue reading

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From the Vaults: Gary Rogowski, a mini-documentary

What do you do with a degree in literature? Pizza delivery boy? Barista? Nope. Gary Rogowski took the thoughtfulness and attention to craft and detail required to study the literary greats and applied them to his immersion into woodworking. He is now … Continue reading

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Meet Elia Bizzari, Windsor chairmaker and prolific instructor. He teaches both online and at woodworking studios throughout the country. He will be teaching two classes for us this summer, the Continuous Arm Windsor Chair and the Sack Back Windsor Chair. About … Continue reading

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The Brilliant Chair Design

Join us for the Brilliant Chair class this Apr. 5-6 from 9am to 4pm each day. It’s a brilliant design attributed to Aldo Leopold and usable for tiny spaces as a chair, ladder, bookshelf, or computer table. We will build … Continue reading

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Finishing Makes the Difference

How do people engage with your furniture? They look at the form first of course. If they like the shape of a piece, then they approach it. They eye it to see the wood and the sheen of it. The … Continue reading

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DESIGN: Open House

We have a special treat coming up for our next DESIGN: Open House. The man I call the Amazing Azevedo is coming to speak about local hardwoods, sawing up trees, and replanting local hardwoods. Mark is a botanist by trade … Continue reading

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Small Things in Chair Design

One of the fascinating points to emerge from our Chairs by the Roadside Show was the difference that small changes can make to a chair design. We all started with a basic Café chair that I designed and tweaked and … Continue reading

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Great Chair Auction

Wow, you should have been there. The chairs that were built for the Sisters of the Road Café Auction last week totaled 18 in number. All were different and all special in their own way. Decked out in our bench … Continue reading

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Creativity needs limits. It seems contradictory and yet it always is true. Given absolute freedom most artists and designers flounder about in search of a direction, a purpose, a method to their particular madness. But tell them to produce in … Continue reading

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Resawing Lumber

A note came into the Studio mailbox asking this question: “While resawing a flatsawn 3/4″ black walnut board, the board cupped. Then after letting the board acclimate for 30 days I hand planed the one face flat and then thru … Continue reading

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