Bill Crane

Bill Crane

Bill Crane, Pianist and “Conspicuous Repairman”

Bill Crane

Portland polymath Bill Crane has been described in many ways, but the orthodox monikers are pianist, organist, tenor, conductor, artist, quilter, needle-man, writer, carpenter, welder, cook, and, probably most accurately, “conspicuous repairman.” Formallyeducated in Florida and France, Bill made Portland home 24 years ago, after 11 years in Washington, D.C., where he did all the things listed above, most of them professionally. He has played concerts all over the U.S. and Europe, lectured extensively on myriad obscure topics (18th century French keyboard ornamentation practice to care-giver protocols for the dying and those facing trauma), led scholarly tours in France, Italy, Turkey, and China, won 13 ribbons at the Oregon State Fair in recent years, including two “best in class,” and played the calliope in the “Westward Ho Parade” for the 100th anniversary Pendleton Round-Up. He has never abbreviated the state name in the address on the envelope of a thank-you note, something he thinks still absolutely necessary after a dinner party, and always uses shoe trees. Partial to blue-and-white china and Oriental rugs, he carries a pocket knife and can prepare a light supper on short notice without removing his jacket.


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