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The Creative Streak

Why do we make things? Why do we do this creative work? A dear friend came by last night and looked at a kitchen table of mine made some decades ago. She saw the Cloud Rise curves shaped into the … Continue reading

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Open the Doors

Join us Friday, May 6th from 5-7PM at the Studio, 1002 SE 8th Ave. It’s our Spring Open House to celebrate the WIN program and the accomplishments of its high school woodworkers. This is our first year working with Portland … Continue reading

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Design Opportunity

A Mastery student of mine came through town to visit. Over 10 years ago he studied with me and he’s building still. Not as much as he’d like but it’s a tough game this woodworking world. Not everyone understands how … Continue reading

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Joinery Details

Joinery is the art of knowing what wood to remove and what to leave behind. Reductive & simple, yet seductive in its intricacies balancing negative space with strength. Take too much wood away and you leave no strength. Take too … Continue reading

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Good Enough

As a furniture maker of a few years time, I realized something important about my work. Oftentimes my clients wouldn’t notice the extra work I had put into pieces. Some times they noticed things that were just so automatic for … Continue reading

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This Wednesday 5/21 join us for DESIGN:Open House on le Musee des Arts et Metiers

Join us at our next DESIGN: Open House Wednesday, May 21st from 6 to 7:30pm to get a glimpse of my own sense of curiosity. I found a museum in Paris over the last few years that is a treasure … Continue reading

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From the Vaults: Gary Rogowski, a mini-documentary

What do you do with a degree in literature? Pizza delivery boy? Barista? Nope. Gary Rogowski took the thoughtfulness and attention to craft and detail required to study the literary greats and applied them to his immersion into woodworking. He is now … Continue reading

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Oregon Art Beat Exhibition Celebrates 15 Years Of Creativity

Northwest Woodworking Studio Director Gary Rogowski will be featured in the Oregon Artbeat Exhibition. From Art Beat’s Facebook Page In honor of Oregon Art Beat’s 15th season, OPB is excited to present the Oregon Art Beat Exhibition: Celebrating 15 Years … Continue reading

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The Brilliant Chair Design

Join us for the Brilliant Chair class this Apr. 5-6 from 9am to 4pm each day. It’s a brilliant design attributed to Aldo Leopold and usable for tiny spaces as a chair, ladder, bookshelf, or computer table. We will build … Continue reading

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Sharpening Doctor: Introduction – Fine Woodworking Video with Gary Rogowski

Our esteemed Studio Director, Gary Rogowski hosts a series of videos over at Fine Woodworking. He gets us woodworkers up to speed on hand tool maintenance.  Stay tuned for episodes of The Sharpening Doctor. Enjoy! Sharpening Doctor: Introduction – Fine … Continue reading

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