Who’s working on a Friday, besides the folks who work with their hands? That’s just the size of things I think. Maybe some folks will read this anyway.

I had an old friend drop by yesterday who had laid down his tools a few years ago. Forty years of building chairs was enough for him. I asked him how he liked his new life, and he told me that he was fine with it. But he had promised himself to stop remodeling houses and he was still doing that. So he was still working with his hands.

This is what I know. For my friend Steve, for me, we fill our hours, our days, and our weeks with this stuff, this busy work, this hand work. For some of us, it’s because we love doing it. We are the lucky ones who aren’t fighting poverty or illness. We get to work with our hands.  For others they fill their lives with careers or a desk job, they wait and hope for that weekend to come so they can find the time to reconnect with their loves, their lives.

Take some time soon and do something for yourself. Build something and give it away to someone. You’ll feel good building it. The recipient will love having your work and not even notice your mistakes. It is a win/ win situation. Everybody’s happy. Share your knowledge and create something of value.



Oh, yeah. Stool workshop coming up Sept. 19-23. Come and build something great for yourself.

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  1. Rick says:

    Always enjoy your posts. I agree there is nothing better than creating something with your hands and giving it to someone you love to enjoy for the rest of their lives. BTW I read your last book and loved it but boy was I tired after all that hiking you did 😁


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